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US Measuring Cups Are Used For All Recipes  (1 cup = 240ml)

If you are beginner in cooking, I would recommend measuring all the ingredients and preparing them before you start making the recipes. Once you get used to the process and method of cooking and you get some knowledge, you can go by andaaz method (eyeballing the ingredients). But still for baking recipes, desserts or to get the perfect restaurant style taste, I highly advise to measure the ingredients properly.

For measuring ingredients, I always use the US measuring cups and spoons. below is the commonly used cups and spoon measuring chart which becomes handy, if you are making double the recipe or cutting it into half or so on.

Teaspoon / Tablespoon / Cup Chart

½ tablespoon1½ teaspoons
1 tablespoon3 teaspoons
¼ cup4 tablespoons
⅓ cup5 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon
½ cup8 tablespoons
¾ cup12 tablespoons
1 cup16 tablespoons


Liquid ingredients conversion

Cup/SpoonMetric volume (ml)US Volume (fl oz)
1 teaspoon5 ml0.17 fl oz
½ tablespoon7.5 ml0.25 fl oz
1 tablespoon15 ml0.5 fl oz
¼ cup60 ml2 fl oz
⅓ cup78 ml2.7 fl oz
½ cup120 ml4 fl oz
¾ cup180 ml6 fl oz
1 cup240 ml8 fl oz


Commonly used baking/cooking dry ingredients conversion

Whole wheat flour1 cup110 grams
Sooji (Semolina, Rava)1 cup175 grams
Besan (gram flour)1 cup92 grams
All purpose flour (maida)1 cup110 grams
Icing sugar (powdered sugar)1 cup115 grams
Cake flour1 cup95 grams
Granulated sugar1 cup200 grams
Light brown sugar1 cup215 grams
Baking soda/Baking powder1 teaspoon5 grams
Chocolate chips1 cup175 grams (6 oz)
Cocoa powder1 cup92 grams


Buying measuring cups, spoons

I have bought my measuring cups and spoons set from Walmart at very cheap price. I would advise you to do the same (buying from local store) rather than buying online. because they are much cheaper than online. But still if you are looking for to buy them online. Here are the links for you.




Oven temperature conversion

Fahrenheit (degrees F)Celsius (degrees C)
225 degrees F110 degrees C
250 degrees F130 degrees C
275 degrees F140 degrees C
300 degrees F150 degrees C
325 degrees F165 degrees C
350 degrees F177 degrees C
375 degrees F190 degrees C
400 degrees F200 degrees C
450 degrees F230 degrees C
475 degrees F245 degrees C
500 degrees F260 degrees C
550 degrees F290 degrees C

Butter Conversion for baking

CupStickWeight (grams)Weight (oz)
¼ cup½ stick57 grams2 oz
⅓ cup76 grams3 oz
½ cup1 stick113 grams4 oz (¼ pound)
¾ cup1 ½ sticks170 grams6 oz
1 cup2 sticks227 grams8 oz (½ pound)

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