Chocolate Cupcakes (Eggless)

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Eggless Chocolate cupcakeEggless chocolate cupcake is our family favorite recipe. It is very moist and spongy in texture. After having one bite, you will not believe that this is an eggless cake.

I have made frosting with unsweetened chocolate. So its double dose of chocolate, yayy!! And that’s why frosting is so creamy and chocolaty. If you are chocolate lover than I am sure you will like this cupcake and also frosting.

Eggless Chocolate cupcake

Oil is used in this cupcake recipe as a fat, and that’s why if you keep it in refrigerator and next day it will still stay soft and moist. But frosting will harden up little bit because of butter.

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Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Cuisine – American Recipe category – Eggless Dessert, cupcakes Skill level – easy/beginner
Yield: 18 cupcakes
For Cupcakes
  • All purpose flour – 1 ½ cups
  • Granulated Sugar – 1 cup
  • Cocoa powder – 1/3 cup
  • Baking soda – 1 teaspoon
  • Salt – ½ teaspoon
  • Water – 1 cup
  • Oil – ½ cup
  • Pure Vanilla Extract – 1 teaspoon
  • Vinegar – 1 tablespoon
For Frosting
  • Unsweetened chocolate – 4 oz, chopped
  • Unsalted butter – 2/3 cup, at room temperature
  • Powdered sugar (Confectioner’s sugar or icing sugar) – 1 1/3 cups
  • Pure vanilla extract – 1 teaspoon
Make Cupcake
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degree F or 177 degree C.
  2. Line the muffin tray with muffin liners or lightly spray or butter the pan.
  3. Mix all dry ingredients (All purpose flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt) in a bowl. If you need to sift the cocoa powder because it has few lumps.
  4. In another bowl mix all wet ingredients (water, oil, vanilla extract and vinegar). Add wet mixture to flour mixture.
  5. And mix till it well blended together. Do not over mix.
  6. Fill each muffin cup about two-third full with batter.
  7. And bake in pre-heated oven for about 20-22 minutes or till toothpick inserted in center of cupcake will come out clean.
  8. Remove it from oven and after 5 minutes remove cupcakes on wire rack and let them cool completely before frosting. If cupcake is not cool enough then icing will melt down.
Make frosting
  1. Place chocolate in a heat proof bowl. Place that bowl over the pan of simmering water or use double boiler.
  2. And melt the chocolate. Keep it aside and let it come to room temperature. (Melt chocolate while cupcakes are cooling) Let the melted chocolate come to room temperature before adding to frosting. If chocolate is hot then butter in icing will melt and icing will become runny.
  3. Take butter in a pan and using hand mixer or stand mixer beat the butter until smooth and creamy. Then add sugar and beat until light and fluffy. Then add vanilla extract and melted chocolate. Beat till mix well.
  4. And continue to beat till frosting is smooth and shiny.
  5. Once cupcakes are cooled completely, frost cupcakes with icing. You can pipe the frosting or spread with butter knife on top of cupcake.
Additional Info
Taste – spongy, moist and chocolaty

Shelf life – it can be kept in refrigerator in air tight container up to 4-5 days.

Serving suggestions – serve it as a dessert.

Delicious eggless chocolate cupcakes are ready and you can make a big batch of it for your next party. Looking for more eggless recipes then check out Eggless chocolate cake | Eggless lemon cake | eggless chocolate chips muffins

Eggless Chocolate cupcake

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  1. prajakta says

    I made these cupcakes for rakshabandhan. These turned out perfect. I am going to frost them with salted chocolate n peanut butter frosting. Thanks a ton. 😊

    • says

      I have added powdered sugar along with butter to make the frosting consistency. If I use regular chocolate then it will be too sweet. So I have used unsweetened chocolate. If you don’t mind have really sweet frosting then you can use normal chocolate

  2. Bob says

    What are exact measurment for the butter cocoa powder and powdered i am waiting for this to try out this recipie and i am only 11 so please respond quick

  3. says

    I tried this recipe today and for the first time some eggless recipe of mine has worked so well. Thank you for sharing this and I will definitely try so many more recipes from your page.

    I’m from India and I want to make eggless cupcakes during Ganpati celebrations at my home. Now thanks to you, I can. :)

  4. Ck says

    I tried your recipe and it’s so easy! I only had dark cocoa powder and it still turned out so good and moist!
    The ingredients are simple and available in everyone’s kitchen. Thank you!

  5. Rachna says

    hi kanan…loved ur recipe. will surely try this…but before that my query is can i use home made butter as u said unsalted one….and if not homemade which butter shd i use.

    • says

      Yes you can use homemade butter. You can also use Amul salted butter. You won’t taste salty or savory. I always like to control the salt intake so I have used unsalted butter. Also unsalted will give the best flavors.

  6. says

    Hello! I realize your cupcake recipe looks very good. But I want to increase the cocoa to 1/2 cup to cater to chocolate preference. How do I reduce the flour then? Or is there any other way (besides adding chocolate chips) to make the batter more chocolatey? Such as adding 2 oz of melted semisweet chocolate and reducing the sugar to 3/4 cup? Thanks!

  7. Manmeet says

    Hi Kanan.. What a great recipe.. Loved it.. I have tried many eggless cupcake recipes.. But none of them is good as yours.. Will try more of your eggless recipes.. Thanks for the step by step process. It was great.. Enjoyed baking..

  8. uttparna pattnayak says

    Hii kanan… m new in dis cooking n baking field… dis is an amazing recipe. M having a lg microwave… how can I bake in dat? In which mode?? Thnks in advance

    • says

      You cannot bake cakes, cookies and muffins in microwave oven. But if your oven has convection mode then you can bake on that mode.
      Preheating oven method differs from oven to oven. So please refer user manual that comes with the oven.

  9. Nayana says

    Tried the milkmaid eggless chocolate cake. Very happy with the moisture and structure of cake. Did not put ganache and hence flavours were understandably flat. Just wondering if I can substitute melted butter with oil. Will be trying your other recipes now

    • says

      I am not sure about replacing butter, as I have never tried it. presence of oil in this recipe makes the cake moist, so don’t know if we get the same texture with melted butter

  10. arch says

    Hi..i wanted to try this cake for my daughter’s b’day..but i couldnt find unsweetened chocolate for icing..instead can i use sweetened cooking chocolate..what variations i need to make..?? Please reply

  11. Sangeeta says

    Hi Kanan,
    Tried this recipe today. It was yumm. Brought a big smile on my 12 year old daughter’s face. In fact she with a friend helped, well did most of the work and baked them for their yoga teacher’s birthday today. And of course couldn’t resist tasting it!! Thanks for the super easy recipe.

  12. Uma says

    Hi kanan,
    I tried this cake in a 9 inch round pan and baked for 30 minutes as you had told.this was my first trial and guess what ,it came out perfect….every one enjoyed specially my husband who never eats cakes.thanks for the recipe

  13. rekha says

    just tried this recipe…cupcakes were delicious but one problem..they were a bit sticky though when I inserted knife it came out clean..should I bake for some more time??also can we replace oil with butter?

    • says

      It was sticky means sticky on top or sticky from inside? If cupcake was sticky from top, then it is perfectly fine. because this is moist cake, it will get sticky after few hours.
      If cupcake was sticky from inside meaning it is sticking to the roof of your mouth, then it is under cooked. Let it bake for few more minutes. Check by inserting toothpick or knife IN THE CENTER and ALL THE WAY DOWN.

      I am not sure about replacing butter, as I have never tried it. presence of oil in this recipe makes the cake moist, so don’t know if we get the same texture with melted butter

  14. Uma says

    Hi ,
    I want to make this cake for a birthday in a round pan instead of cup cakes. Can I get the recipe for that?


  15. Leena Nair says

    The cupcakes look so yumm
    I often bake cakes n cupcakes but those are with eggs…my eggless ones are not often tht moist…
    However i came across ur recipe n do want to try it out….well my problem is tht in my oven i can bake only 12 cupcakes or muffins at a time…and ur recipe yields can i mix up a whole batch and bake the remaining 6 after the first 12??will the vinegar do it magic if the batter is left for some time or will the cupcakes deflate??
    Or do i halve the recipe or take a third of it n do so….pls do help..H

    • says

      If your oven capacity is for 12 cupcakes then halve (9 cupcakes) or third (6 cupcakes) the recipe and bake.
      It is not recommended that you let the batter sit while first batch is baking. Vinegar will loose its effect.

  16. Sargam says

    Tried them today and they were super awesome. Took a picture to post here but dont knw how to attach the pic here…thanks…happy mom I am :) Love ya

  17. Aberame says

    The recipe is amazing… I did last night and frosted with some leftover vanilla buttercream it was yum… It’s a sure safekeeping for me from now on… So easy and less messy… Thank you

  18. Roshni says

    Hi Kanan,

    Could I use this recipe to make a simple eggless vanilla cake, if so what would I substitute the cocoa powder with? Would I have to alter any of the other ingredients ?


  19. Dhwani says

    Hey Kanan,
    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I am 13 years old and I made a muffin alone for the first time. They came out to nice. Instead of all purpose flour I used whole wheat flour. When I added the wet ingredients to dry one , they formed lumps, but I added a lot of water to manage it. I added some choco chips to the batter while putting them in moulds. They were really yum . My family liked it a lot.

    • Dhwani says

      And I made them without icing, as my sister is really health conscious and she avoids such stuff. That was the reason I used whole wheat flour. Keep posting recipes and keep delivering millions is smiles

  20. Kimberley says

    Wonderful cupcakes ! But something other than vanilla extract would be great so there’s flavour! Nice try tho and these are very soft and break easily

    • says

      Thanks Kimberley. Yes these cupcakes are really soft. As it has cocoa flavor in it, I don’t think other than vanilla extract would go well. But you can go with peppermint extract as chocolate and mint go very well together. Be sure to use just couple of drops of peppermint extract as it is strong unlike vanilla extract

  21. Roshni Panchal says

    Hi kanan,

    Thank you for your reply. Donyou this this cake recipe will be firm enough to be covered with fondant icing? A friend wants a themed birthday cake so I want to cover it with fondant icing and fondant figurines, but I am worried the cake will be too soft and will sink down?
    Thanks again, Roshni

  22. Roshni says

    Hi Kanan, Thanks for the recipe. I tried these and was very happy with the results. Could you use this recipe to make an 8″ birthday cake? I have tried the recipe with the condensed milk however I find it too dense and heavy, whereas these cupcakes are just so light and fluffy.


  23. Angry says

    Sorry, Kanan, this recipe just didn’t work for me. Not really sure what we did wrong. Everything came out terribly.


  24. Pooja says

    Hi kanan, Tried this recipe and me and my family loved it ! They were baked in 15 min flat. The outside was nice and crisp and inside was moist and super soft. Shared it with my mother who did not have cocoa, so she used a combination of drinking chocolate and coffee and her batch turned out equally delicious :) Thank you for posting this recipe. Looking fwd to more exciting recipes :)
    Ps- Have u ever baked a chocolate chilli cake ? Saw it on tv but couldn’t find any good eggless variations. Thanks again.!

  25. Rithika says

    hi. Wanted to ask if I want to make other flavour such as vanilla pineapple strawberry n butter scotch then can I use same recipe omitting cocoa powder??

  26. ashley says

    just made 48 of these bad boys for a 1st birthday party. they are amazing and truly turn out amazing. who needs egg anyway.

  27. Jyoti Khanna says

    Hi Kanan, I would like to know if I use buttermilk instead of water. Will this make my cake more moist or will spoil the recipe.

  28. beena says

    HI kanan

    The cup cakes came out really good. Just wanted to know how this cupcakes can be made withhout coco powder. What is the replacement for cocoa powder

    • says

      Thank you Beena, Nice to hear that cupcake came out good. One cannot replace the cocoa powder. Need to adjust many other ingredients (most important leavening agents).

  29. Shilpa says

    Hi Kanan,
    I’ve been trying to find a perfect eggless recipe, and this just looks perfect.
    I have a question though:
    Could I use self-raising flour instead of all-purpose and how much of the quantities will I have to adjust? For some reason, every time I use all-purpose in eggless, the cupcakes taste a bit funny.

    • says

      1 cup of Self rising flour = 1 cup all purpose flour + 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder + 1/2 teaspoon salt.
      Use the same amount as mentioned in the recipe meaning 1 1/2 cups. But skip the salt in it.

      • Shilpa says

        Hi Kanan!! Your recipe was PERFECT. I substituted the Maida with Self-Raising, omitted the salt and also, I reduced the sugar by 1/4 almost. I like my cupcakes to be on the less sweeter side so the sugar reduction helped. My folks were super pleased with how moist and yummy they turned out, so thank you for this amazing recipe!!!

  30. Lara says

    Hi kanan!
    I followed your chocolate chip cookies before, and they were heaven! I was wondering, how much chocolate chips would you add to the cupcakes? A 1/4 cup? if you can? Thanks!

  31. prachi says

    Hi Kanan…
    I used to make chocolate muffins b4 also.. but this time by ur recipe(which I used first time) they turned out totally different.. very soft n very daughter liked it a lot.. thanks for this delicious recipe…

  32. Shaurya says

    Hey there!
    I used this recipe for my first ever cupcake baking experience. And they turned out really well.
    Thankyou sooo much!
    Ps- You got a new follower here! 😉

  33. Tanisha says

    Hi Kanan. I have this query. I used to bake in my microwave on convection mode. For 6 cupcakes on 180 degrees, it takes usually 18-20 min. Have taken OTG now. Would the temp n time be same in it?? Plz help. Thanks, Tanisha.

  34. sujavenkat says

    hai, today I prepared chocolate cup cakes.what a surprise! such a tasty cake using oil. Thanks a lot.

  35. Pardeep says

    I never left a comment on anyone’s website before … But truly I became fan of your recipes .. I tried many versions or eggless stuff before never as good as your recipes .. I made chocolate chip cookies everyone in my family loved those.. Even my husband who doesn’t like cookies generally!!! So I really thank you. I will be making all of your recipes ..

  36. Tanisha says

    Thanks Kanan…. This is quiet helpful!! I like both choc n coffee flavour combined so I guess will go for half n half

  37. Tanisha says

    Hi Kanan,

    I made these cupcakes quiet many times n as usual yummm!!! Could you tell me how can I make coffee chocolate cupcakes too?? I have Nescafé mocha n cappuccino instant coffee n also normal Nescafé.
    Thank you.

    • says

      I haven’t tried it but I can imagine this way it should taste good. 1) Use this chocolate cupcake, replace water with strong black coffee (use any whichever taste you prefer mocha, cappuccino or nescafe). I got the idea bcoz one of the readers tried and mentioned in comments below. 2) Use this butter cream frosting, add little instant coffee powder instead zest and water instead juice to make coffee flavored icing. What do you think?

      • Tanisha says

        Thanks for quick replying!!! :)
        Both the ideas sound tempting :))
        Just wondering if 1 cup of coffee would be too much?? Or would it give perfect coffee choc flavour!!!! I m horrible at imagining so …..

        • says

          I think amount would be ok, after all 1 cup is for 18 cupcakes. But still it is personal preference, If you like strong you coffee strong and less sweet than use 1 cup coffee. If you like your coffee light and sweet then use 1/2 cup water + 1/2 cup coffee.

  38. Sweet tooth says

    Hello! I tried this recipe (first shot at baking). I weighed quantities accurately and followed the steps. The cupcakes turned out really good, however, I faced few problems which I guess every novice might face:
    1. The cakes had taste of raw oil which I specifically don’t like it.
    2. I had baked the first batch for 22 minutes at the given temperature but the top layer broke and became hard. So I baked the second batch for 12 minutes at the same temperature (checked using toothpick) and it baked. In both cases, the cake was baked but the top layer became hard and it was broken. So how do I monitor the time frame and stop my cakes from breaking and forming crusts? (how I wish I could attach the pictures here).
    3. Cupcakes were really soft and moist but a few broke horizontally.
    4. Frosting became a little hard. So I should reduce the quantity of icing sugar or make some other appropriate changes?
    P.S.: Thank you so much for this recipe. I could hardly hold my happiness when I saw the final output. I have a little lower threshold for patience, but baking these cupcakes compelled me to “wait and watch”. :) :) :)

    • Kanan says

      1) in baking always use flavorless oil like canola, corn, vegetable, safflower oil.
      2) few reason for your prob, – oven temperature might be little high. – cupcake tray might be very close to top surface of oven. always bake anything in the middle on of the oven. – your cupcake size might be smaller than mine, so they baked more quicker than mentioned time. if over-baked than they start to dry out.
      3) this is because of the cake or cupcake pan is too small and temperature is too high comparatively.
      4) – need to whip up for some time to get spreading butter like consistency. -still not get the right then add 1 teaspoon of milk or water and keep whisking till you get right spreading or piping consistency.

      so overall conclusion looks like this – individual cupcake mold’s size is small and compare to that oven temperature is high, so they get baked quickly (as you said in 12 mins), so because of over-baking it starts to dry out and starts creaking the top.
      Hope this helps.

  39. Deepal says

    Hi Kanan,
    I wanted to know for the cupcake batter :11/2 cups flour is used, any idea how much it is grams? Also the cocoa powder, 1/3 cup is how much in grams?

    • Kanan says

      Hi Deepal, below are the gram conversions –
      1 1/2 cups all purpose flour = 190 grams
      1/3 cup cocoa powder = 40 grams

      • Deepal says

        Thanks Kanan..
        I tried this recipe with the same amount of flour and cocoa (a bit less) but my batter turned out to be thick and the cupcakes were not as moist and soft but a bit dense.
        I have considered 1cup water =240 ml and 1/2 cup oil =120ml.

        • Kanan says

          water and oil measurements are also correct. Not sure why batter turned out thick. Over-baked cupcakes will be dry and hard.

  40. Tanisha says

    Hi Kanan,
    I keep coming up with questions.
    I found this unsalted butter in a store by name DUNS….its really very soft….would tht be ok to use for the frosting??? I m afraid if the frosting will turn runny. Plz help. Otherwise what is available is AMUL LITE or NUTRELITE, both with less salt n fat too.

    • Kanan says

      I am not familiar with DUNS. But I would never recommend using butter spread or bread spread for making frosting. if used then it will not have proper consistency because of low fat. but still if you want to try it, you can make with spread but reduce the amount of liquid in the frosting. This way it can stay little stiff.

      • Tanisha says

        Thanks Kanan. I guess I ll try our sweet old Amul butter. DUNS unsalted butter looks extremely soft even in fridge with lil water kind of content on sides of its box.

  41. Tanisha says

    Hi Kanan,

    I have this strange problem. Whenever I bake muffins … I store in airtight Tupperware container in fridge. But, the muffins get moist n the top of the muffin gets moist n sticky too. Also, I use microwave’s convection mode.
    How can this be avoided?? Thanks.

    • Kanan says

      This is perfectly normal. if your baked good is moist then top part becomes shiny and sticky next day but the taste will be same, no matter you store them in fridge or keep it at room temperature. there is only one way that you can avoid this – get naughty and eat all of them on same day. :)

  42. Tanisha says

    Hi Kanan,

    I have to make these delicious cupcakes in big nos..say abt 50 for my party. So, can these cupcakes be kept at room temperature (without frosting) for a day?? Say I make all of them on Monday for Tuesday party….or would these require refrigeration??? Also if in room temperature, do I need to cling film each them???


    • Kanan says

      Hi Tanisha, you can keep the cupcakes without frosting at room temperature for 2 days. You don’t need to cling wrap individually. But I would suggest that keep the cupcakes in a big tray and then cover the tray with cling wrap or just use air tight container to store them.

  43. Tanisha Bahl says


    I have been trying out different flavours of cupcakes these days. Want to try these yummy looking cupcakes now. My query is regarding the frosting. Can I use usual nutralite/ amul lite butter instead of unsalted butter? Wud thr be any changes required to be done then? Plz suggest. Thanks

    • Kanan says

      I would not recommend to use nutralite/ amul lite butter instead of butter in frosting. As those lite butter does not contain enough fat. and so it does make frosting consistency. thus you will not be able to pipe or decorate. Hope this helps.

  44. Jess V says

    Just made a batch and they came out so yummy! I tried a similar recipe on another site and it was an epic fail. Thank you so much!

  45. Chaitali says

    Hi Kanan,
    Thanks for this wonderful recipe!! I made two batches, one with lemon juice and one with vinegar.. but the one with vinegar turned out better.
    I also added some walnuts and it tasted better…
    thanks a lot for sharing this and i must admit that this was the best bake i had done with an eggless recipe:)
    can you also share some more iceing options.. i searched but couldnt find any on your blog//

    • Kanan says

      Happy to hear that chocolate cupcake recipe was successful. Like the idea of walnuts in it.

      Sure I will share more icing recipe along with the cakes, I have only this icing/frosting recipe that you can pipe on cake. I do have chocolate Ganache recipe and sugar icing recipe, but for those you can dip the cupcake in it or drizzle it in cakes, not good for piping or decorating.

  46. Raksha says

    Helo I need to enquire : baking soda is it bicarb or baking powder ? Eggless cupcakes – for the icing 2/3 cup of butter is required any idea how much it is in grams ? And 4oz chocolate how much is that in grams ?thanx

    • Kanan says

      Hi Raksha,
      1) baking soda=soda bicarb. baking powder and baking soda are two different thing.
      2) 2/3 cups of butter = 150 grams of butter
      3) 4oz of chocolate = 115 grams of chocolate

  47. Netsanet Amare says

    Lovely recipe. Thanks.Both the cakes and the icing were very good. I added a little coffee to enhance the flavour. Don’t like too much icing so I just spread the icing on top and decorated with shredded coconut, sprinkles and/or a blueberry. I also used a little less sugar – 3/4cup.

  48. Ciason says

    Would this same recipe work for a full sized cake? I cant stop making (and eating!) these cupcakes! They are delicious! :)

  49. says

    Kanan thanks for stopping by at my blog :) …. these cupcakes looks lovely hard to believe they are eggless ………. I also make a lot of eggless cakes as somehow I don’t like eggs in cakes! take care and some great post on your blog.

    • Shanthi says

      Hi Kanan, i have tried baking but i thought baking is not for me but after trying your recipes, especially this chocolate cupcakes and banana muffins, I’m really shocked that i CAN BAKE!! and now i keep making this cupcakes as they are so addictive and my friends could not believe that they are eggless.. Keep posting awesome recipes!!