15 Easy Indian Bhindi Recipes

Here I am sharing the 15 easy to make Indian Bhindi recipes or Okra recipes.

Bhindi recipes (15 Easy Indian Bhindi Recipes) Okra Recipes

Bhindi also known as Okra or Lady finger. In India, this is a common vegetable. You will find in any vegetable market and most of the household make the different recipes using bhindi.

My family is huge fan of any kind of bhindi recipes.

Using okra,
– We can make different sabzi or curry to go with roti or paratha.
– Some sabzi can be eaten as a side dish with rice, dal.
– Even we can make kadhi using bhindi.
– We can add into the sambar along with other vegetables.
– We can deep fry the bhindi and eat as a starter or snack.

How to buy?
– They should be long, fresh looking and dark green in color.
– Don’t buy those who have blemishes, cut or leaked internal juices.
– Try to buy those who have less seeds in it.

How to clean and chop?

  1. Wash them under running cold water and wipe them dry using kitchen towel or paper towel. If you have time then let them air dry on countertop for about 1-2 hours instead of wiping dry.
  2. Before chopping, you need to cut and discard the head and tail part.
  3. Then start chopping or slicing as required in the recipe.
  4. After cutting few bhindi (around 10-15) the knife will get sticky and slimy because of okra’s internal slimy properties. So always wipe clean the knife using paper towel. So keep cutting and cleaning the knife as you feel sticky.

Cleaning and chopping The Okra or Bhindi

How to avoid the sliminess?

  • Okra should be completely dry before you start chopping.
  • Cleaning the knife during chopping prevents the stickiness while cooking.
  • Addition of acidic ingredient (e.g. lemon juice, tomato, tamarind, amchur powder) will cut down the slim.
  • Never add water while cooking bhindi. Even if little water is gone into the pan while cooking, it becomes slimy mess. For making gravy dishes, always cook the okra alone separately and then add into the gravy.
  • Do not stir too much while cooking, This helps to reduce the sliminess.

Just like other vegetables, Bhindi also have many health benefits. So always include any bhindi recipes in your diet.

Bhindi Recipes (Indian Okra Recipes)

Bhindi Masala| How to make bhindi fry recipe | Okra RecipesBhindi Masala – dry sabzi preparation with lot of different dry spice powders.Bhindi masala gravy recipe | Punjabi bhindi curry recipeBhindi Masala Gravy – Cooked okra are added into delicious onion tomato gravy. Goes well with paratha or roti.Bhindi bhaji recipe | Bhindi Sabzi recipe | Bhendi chi BhajiBhindi Bhaji – Maharashtrian style of making bhindi sabzi.
Aloo Bhindi Recipe | Punjabi Aloo Bhindi Masala Recipe Aloo Bhindi– North Indian dish where potatoes and okra are sauteed in medium spicy onion, tomato masalaStuffed Bhindi Recipe | Bharwan Bhindi Recipe | Stuffed OkraBharwan Bhindi – Gujarati style stuffing masala is made from coriander leaves, dry coconut, peanuts and sesame seedsBharli Bhendi Recipe | Maharashtrian style stuffed bhindi recipeBharli Bhendi – Maharashtrian style of making bharwan bhindi. It has unique flavor from goda masala.
Bhindi do pyaza recipe | How to make bhindi do pyazaBhindi do pyaza – Simple, quick sabzi with okra and lots of onions.Kurkuri bhindi recipe | How to make kurkuri bhindi (Crispy fried bhindi)Kurkuri Bhindi thinly sliced okra are marinated with besan and deep fried till crisp.Bhindi Kadhi Recipe | How to make Gujarati Bhinda ni kadhi recipeBhindi Kadhi – Cooked bhindi are added into the flavorful yogurt gravy
Bhindi Capsicum Sabji Recipe | Bhindi capsicum masala recipeBhindi capsicum sabzi – A delicious dry preparation flavored with basic spices and freshly grated coconut.Achari bhindi recipe | How to make achari bhindi masalaAchari bhindi – Okra are stir-fried in mustard oil and spices similar to used for pickle masala.Bhindi fry recipe | Crispy bhindi sabzi (How to make okra fry)Bhindi fry (Crispy bhindi sabzi) – Thinly sliced okra are mixed with besan and shallow fried with onions and spices
Bhindi raita recipe | How to make bhindi raita, Okra raitaBhindi Raita Little different than usual raita. Here crispy okra are mixed with spiced, chilled yogurt.Kadai Bhindi Recipe (How to make Kadai Bhindi Sabzi Recipe)Kadai Bhindi – Sauteed okra and capsicum are mixed with spicy kadai masala.Dahi Bhindi Recipe (How to make Dahi Bhindi Recipe) Dahi Wali BhindiDahi Bhindi – stir fried bhindi are mixed in slightly tangy, creamy yogurt based gravy.


Bhindi recipes (15 Easy Indian Bhindi Recipes) Okra Recipes
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Bhindi recipes (India Okra Recipes)

15 easy to make Bhindi recipes that goes perfect with roti or paratha. 

Course Main Course
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Yield 2 servings
Author Kanan

Ingredients (1 cup = 240 ml)

  • Mentioned in the individual recipes


  1. All the recipes above have step by step photos with detailed instructions.

  2. Cooking time, prep time and servings may vary depending the recipes.

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