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Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie Recipe | Summer beverage recipes

Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie is very nutritious. As you know, strawberry and kiwi are high in vitamin C. And addition of orange or Clementine makes it even healthier. This smoothie requires only 5 ingredients - strawberry, kiwi, orange, yogurt and honey. Of course you can use sugar instead of honey. But I would say honey is [...]

Gujarati Aloo Matar Recipe | How to make Aloo Mutter Recipe

Gujarati Aloo Matar recipe is very quick and easy to make side dish on every day basis. When you are out of vegetables in the fridge, this recipe will come very handy to you. As potatoes and tomatoes are always present in Indian pantry and now a day, I think your freezer has peas in [...]

Banana Raita Recipe | How to make kele ka raita

Banana raita is very refreshing and cooling recipe for summer. Key ingredients for making raita are banana and yogurt. Lastly tadka or tempering is made which add nice flavor as well as hint of spicy taste. During the summer, I make yogurt based dished very often like masala chaas, cucumber raita, gujarati kadhi. As you [...]

Spring Onion Pakora Recipe | How to make Hare Pyaz ke pakode

Spring onion pakora or hare pyaz ke pakode is very delicious and indulging breakfast or snack. They are crispy yet soft and of course quick to make. I make any kind of pakoras like onion pakora, aloo pakora, cabbage pakora once in a while; this is not my every day style snack. I have made [...]

Batata Poha Recipe | How to make Aloo Poha Recipe | Potato Poha

Batata poha recipe aka aloo poha or bataka pauaa is popular Gujarati and Maharashtrian snack or breakfast that goes perfect with a cup of tea. Earlier I thought this is only Gujarati recipe as I grew up eating it, but when I was in Mumbai, I had this batata poha breakfast in one of the [...]

Eggless Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe | Double chocolate muffins

Eggless Chocolate chocolate chip muffins recipe is very easy to make. This is also a vegan muffin recipe. It has moist and bread like texture with very chocolaty taste. Who doesn't love chocolate? If you don't then skip reading it. Yea I am serious, these muffins are so chocolaty that it has double dose of [...]

Ajwain Paratha Recipe | How to make ajwain ka paratha

Ajwain Paratha is one variation to simple plain paratha. Nothing fancy is going on here, just ajwain seeds or carom seeds are added in the dough. But only this small addition makes the paratha so flavorful.  I have made triangular paratha here. The layers of dough and oil between the layers will make it flaky [...]

Cabbage Sambharo Recipe | Gujarati warm cabbage salad recipe

Cabbage sambharo is nothing but the Gujarati style warm cabbage salad. It is very quick to make and requires very few ingredients. This is my go to accompaniment salad recipe when I am making only roti and subzi in the meal. There are many varieties of sambharo recipes like carrot sambharo and papaya sambharo. I [...]

Eggless Mocha Muffins Recipe | Easy eggless muffin recipe

Eggless Mocha Muffins Recipe is very easy to make and it requires very basic baking ingredients. The texture of this muffin is bread like, moist and tender. If you are coffee lover then I am sure this recipe is for you. It has strong coffee flavor with dark chocolate taste from cocoa powder. With this [...]

Oats Chaat Recipe | Healthy chaat recipe | Indian Oats recipes

Oats Chaat is very healthy alternative to those fried chaat recipes like bhel puri, sev puri. It has all the flavors, taste and crunch that has in any chaat item. As you know that oats are rich in fiber and has many health benefits. Thus this recipe is healthy as well as unbelievably delicious. I [...]

Katachi Amti Recipe | Maharashtrian katachi amti with Puran Poli

Katachi Amti is a Maharashtrian thin dal water soup that is made from the strained water after boiling the dal from puran poli stuffing. Best way to have, dip a piece of puran poli in to Amti and eat. For those who are not familiar, Kat = strained water after boiling the dal chi = [...]

Puran Poli Recipe | Maharashtrian Puran Poli | Gujarati Vedmi Recipe

Puran Poli Recipe - Indian stuffed bread with sweet lentil filling. If translate the name from Marathi language to English, puran=stuffing, poli=outer covering. There are many variations in names, in stuffing and method of making it. For more info check Wikipedia. Maharashtrian and Gujarati way of making puran poli is almost similar though there are [...]