Sandwich Recipes (15 Easy Indian Vegetarian Sandwiches)

Here I am sharing the collection of 15 easy to make, delicious, veg sandwich recipes. This includes grilled, toasted, open faced and no-cook sandwiches.

Sandwich Recipes (15 Easy Indian Vegetarian Sandwiches)

These veg sandwiches are perfect for breakfast, snack, lunch and even dinner.

Making sandwich recipe is quick and also easy that anyone can make it. It is the good idea to make them when you are short on time.

Most of them from the below list are Indian style veg sandwiches. So we are applying butter, chutney and sometimes ketchup on the bread slices. Speaking of chutney, you can use green chutney, coriander chutney or mint chutney.

To get the Indian street style sandwich taste, I highly recommend to use homemade sandwich masala powder. Or use the readymade sandwich masala.

I am using Lodge cast iron grill pan for grilled sandwiches and sandwich maker for toast sandwiches. Few other options are 3-in-1 sandwich maker, panini press.

Grilled Sandwich Recipes

Vegetable grilled sandwich - Mumbai StyleBombay Vegetable Grilled Sandwich – This is mumbai street style version with double layer of veggies and grilled to perfect crisp breads. The key to get best taste is sprinkling of special sandwich masala on every layer of veggies.
Guacamole Grilled Sandwich Recipe | Guacamole sandwich recipeGuacamole Grilled Sandwich – As the name says, a layer of tasty guacamole, tomato, cucumber between the bread. Use the brown bread or multigrain bread and it will be the good, healthy sandwich.

Corn and capsicum sandwich recipe | Grilled capsicum corn sandwichCorn and Capsicum Sandwich – Sweet corn and red pepper are sauteed and mixed with white sauce. Of course this one is not Indian style.
Spinach corn sandwich recipe | Grilled corn spinach sandwichSpinach and Corn Sandwich – Same as above it is also made with white sauce. Kids will sure love it. Make a healthy, filling meal with a bowl of soup.

Chilli Cheese Sandwich Recipe (How to make Mumbai Chilli Cheese Toast Sandwich)Chilli Cheese Sandwich – This one is too good and my favorite, so yumm and so cheesy with mixture of chillies, bell pepper and onions.

Toast Sandwich Recipes

Veg cheese toast sandwich recipe | Veg cheese sandwich recipeVeg Cheese Toast Sandwich – chopped veggies are mixed with chutney and ketchup. Then layered between breads along with a slice of cheese and toasted in the sandwich maker.
Paneer Sandwich Recipe (How to make Paneer Sandwich Recipe)Paneer Sandwich – Just take 15 minutes from start to finish. Good for quick breakfast. The mixture of crumbled paneer, bell pepper, onion and few spices are stuffed between bread with chutney and ketchup.

Veg Masala Toast Sandwich Recipe | Mumbai masala toast sandwichVeg Masala Toast Sandwich – Dry spicy potato masala is made first and layered between breads with butter and chutney. This one is street style version.
Corn sandwich recipe | Sweet corn toast sandwich recipeCorn Sandwich – Indian spiced sweet corn stuffing is made for this sandwiches. These are good for breakfast or afternoon snack.

Chilli Cheese Toast Recipe | How to make Cheese Chilli ToastChilli Cheese Toast – Open faced toast sandwich where mixture of capsicum, onion, chili and cheese are spreaded on bread and baked into the oven.
Spinach toast recipe | How to make spinach toast, palak toastSpinach Toast – another open faced toast where mixture of boiled potato and spinach with few spices are used. Sesame seeds are sprinkled on top. This can be done on stove top or oven.

No Cook Sandwiches

Bombay Veg Sandwich Recipe | Vegetable Sandwich RecipeBombay Veg Sandwich – The classic Indian street style sandwich where the layer of veggies (boiled potatoes, beet, tomato, cucumber, onion) stuffed between the breads. This is served cold meaning no toasting or grilling is done.
Chutney Sandwich recipe | How to make chutney sandwich recipeChutney Sandwich – This is simple and perfect for picnics or parties. Spread the butter and chutney between the breads and you are done.

Veg Cream Cheese Sandwich Recipe (How to make Cream Cheese Sandwich Recipe)Veg Cream Cheese Sandwich – chopped vegetables are mixed with cream cheese spread as a stuffing mixture. This is mild and delicious, kids will sure approve it.
Veg Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe (How to make Mayo Sandwich Recipe)Veg Mayonnaise Sandwich – Same as above, veggies are mixed with mayonnaise. Here I have added some Indian touch and added little green chutney in the mixture. Trust me it was the best addition.

Sandwich Recipes (15 Easy Indian Vegetarian Sandwiches)

he collection of 15 easy to make, delicious, veg sandwich recipes.

Course Main Course
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Yield 2 servings
Author Kanan

Ingredients (1 cup = 240 ml)

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  2. Cooking time, prep time and servings may vary depending the recipes.

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the collection of 15 easy to make, delicious, veg sandwich recipes. This includes grilled, toasted, open faced and no-cook sandwiches. #sandwichrecipe #roundups #vegsandwich #indiansandwich

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