Diwali Sweets Recipes

Here I have made the list of whole collection of diwali sweets recipes. All of them are easy to make at home. All the recipes have step by step photos with possible tips and tricks so beginners can also make them without any fear.

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50 Diwali Sweets Recipes | Easy diwali sweets recipe 2015

Diwali or deepavali is the festival of lights and it is celebrated all over the India every year. This is the biggest festival we celebrate in our family. We usually start preparing for diwali at least 10-15 day before. We clean and decorate the house, do some shopping. We also make many snacks and sweets at home. Few sweets we buy from shop as well.

We usually give a box of sweet away as a gift to relatives and friends on the new year day. We also serve to the guests who came for the new year wishes.

This year diwali is on 19th Oct 2017. But the celebration starts two days before and lasts for five days.

Diwali Sweets: Ladoo recipes

Besan ladoo recipe | How to make besan ladoo | Besan ladduBesan ladoo recipe  made from three main ingredients Ghee, besan (aka gram flour) and powdered sugar (aka boora, tagar).Boondi Ladoo Recipe | Boondi laddu | How to make Boondi ke ladooBoondi ladoo recipe – Freshly made boodi are soaked into sugar syrup and shaped into ladoo.Coconut Ladoo Recipe | How to make coconut laddu with khoyaCoconut ladoo recipe – These are made with desiccated coconut, mawa (milk solids) and powdered sugar. 
Rava Besan Ladoo Recipe | How to make rava besan ladduRava besan ladoo recipe – simple and easy laddu recipe made from semolina, gram flour, ghee and powdered sugar.Coconut ladoo recipe with condensed milk | Coconut laddu recipeCoconut ladoo with condensed milk – quick and easy ladoo recipe with only four ingredients.Kuler ladoo recipe (How to make kuler ladoo), bajra flour ladooKuler ladoo recipe – It is made from just three ingredients Black millet flour, jaggery and clarified butter.
Rava laddu recipe (How to make rava laddu), Rava ladoo recipeRav laddu recipe – EASY ladoo recipe made with semolina and sweetened condensed milkMagaj Recipe | Gujarati Magas recipe | Besan burfi recipeMagaj ladoo recipe – Gujarati style of making besan ladoo. made from ghee, coarse chickpea flour and sugar.Sweet potato ladoo recipe (Shakkarkand ke laddu recipe)Sweet potato ladoo recipe – Healthy ladoo made with very less sugar.

Diwali Sweets: Halwa Recipes

Gajar Halwa Recipe | Make gajar ka halwa | Carrot halwa recipeCarrot halwa recipe – Popular North Indian halwa made with Traditional method. Made with only three ingredients Carrot, sugar and milk.Sheera Recipe | Sooji ka halwa | rava sheera or sooji halwa recipeSheera recipe – the most popular Indian dessert made from semolina, clarified butter (ghee) and sugar.Dudhi halwa recipe | Lauki halwa recipe | easy halwa recipeLauki halwa recipe – sweet dish made with bottle gourd, milk and sugar. It is flavored with cardamon powder.
Badam Halwa recipe - how to make badam halwa - Easy diwali recipeBadam halwa recipe – very rich, heavy Indian sweet recipe made during festivalsPapaya halwa recipe | Papite ka halwa | how to make papaya halwaPapaya halwa recipe – made from ripe papaya fruit. It is flavored with cardamom seeds powder and cashew nuts.Gajar ka halwa with condensed milk | Gajar ka halwa recipeGajar ka halwa – with condensed milk or mithaimate. a quick version will be ready in only 15 minutes only
Banana sheera recipe (How to make banana sheera recipe for prasad)Banana sheera recipe – It is made from semolina, sugar and banana. It is similar to the sooji halwa with addition of banana.Gajar ka halwa in pressure cooker | Quick gajar ka halwa recipeGajar ka halwa in pressure cooker – a quick version made from grated carrots, milk, milk powder and sugar.Atte ka halwa recipe | whole wheat flour halwa recipeAtte ka halwa recipe – 
A popular North Indian halwa recipe made from whole wheat flour, ghee (clarified butter) and sugar.
Pumpkin halwa recipe, Kaddu ka halwa (How to make pumpkin halwa)Pumpkin halwa recipe – made from orange pumpkin aka kaddu, sugar, jaggery and milk.Pineapple halwa recipe | Pineapple sheera recipePineapple halwa recipe – made from semolina, sugar, clarified butter and pineapple (pieces and puree).Sweet potato halwa recipe | How to make Shakarkandi halwa recipeSweet potato halwa recipe – Healthy halwa dish because less addition of sugar in it

Diwali Sweets: Kheer Recipes

Rice kheer recipe | Indian rice pudding | Chawal ki kheerRice Kheer Recipe – ice is cooked in milk and sugar. It is flavored with cardamom powder and saffron.Makhane ki Kheer Recipe | How to make Phool Makhane ki KheerPhool makhane ki kheer – Healthy kheer made from lotus seeds. This can be eaten during vrat. fastingCarrot Kheer Recipe | Carrot Payasam Recipe (Easy Kheer Recipe)Carrot kheer – easy to make and delicious dessert recipe made from grated carrot, milk and sugar.
Lauki ki kheer | Lauki kheer recipe | Dudhi kheer recipeLauki ki kheer – Yes vegetable can made this simple. yummy dessert. Made from bottle gour.Kheer with condensed milk | Rice kheer recipe with condensed milkRice kheer with condensed milk – instant rice kheer recipe made with cooked, leftover rice, milk and condensed milk.Sabudana Kheer Recipe | How to make sabudana kheer recipeSabudana kheer – Melt in your mouth kheer made from tapioca pearls
Sweet potato kheer recipe (How to make sweet potato kheer)Sweet potato kheer – a healthy kheer made from sweet potatoes with less sugar.Pumpkin kheer recipe (kaddu ki kheer recipe), How to make kaddu kheerPumpkin kheer  – Pumpkin is called kaddu in Hindi, so it is kaddu ki kheer recipe.

Diwali Sweets: Burfi/Peda Recipes

Peda Recipe | How to make doodh peda or milk pedaDoodh peda recipe – this is an instant version of making doodh peda or milk peda. This is made with sweetened condensed milk.Chocolate Peda - Easy diwali sweet recipeChocolate peda recipe – Only three ingredients are required – Khoya, Cocoa powder and sugar.Kaju katli recipe (How to make BEST kaju katli) Kaju burfi recipeKaju katli recipe – one of the most popular Indian sweets that is made during the festivals especially Diwali.
Carrot burfi recipe | Gajar ki burfi | How to make carrot burfiCarrot burfi recipe– made from grated carrot, heavy cream, condensed milk and khoya.Chocolate burfi recipe | How to make chocolate burfiChocolate burfi recipe – Two layered burfi where bottom layer is plain mawa and top is chocolate.Kalakand recipe (How to make kalakand recipe) Diwali sweetsKalakand recipe – you will need only two main ingredients milk and sugar
Walnut burfi recipe (How to make walnut burfi recipe), Akhrot burfiWalnut burfi recipe – QUICK Indian sweet recipe made with walnuts, coconut and condensed milk.Magaj Recipe | Gujarati Magas recipe | Besan burfi recipeMagaj recipe – This is the Gujarati style of making besan burfi made from ghee, coarse chickpea flour and sugar.Kopra Pak - Coconut Burfi RecipeKopra pak recipe – Another Gujarati burfi recipe made from freshly grated coconut.
Chocolate Pista Rolls - Diwali sweets recipeChocolate pista roll recipe – The outer layer is made from khoya and cocoa powder. While inside filling is made from khoya and chopped pistachioMango Coconut Burfi Recipe | Mango recipes | Mango BurfiMango coconut burfi recipe – The perfect tropical flavor combination that everyone will love. 

Miscellaneous diwali sweets recipes

Gulab jamun recipe (How to make gulab jamun with khoya)Gulab jamun recipe – The traditional method of making it. Fried balls are dipped into sugar syrup.Rasgulla recipe | How to make rasgulla | Soft, spongy rasgullaRasgulla recipe – A traditional bengali sweet recipe. Soft and spongy, melt in your mouth milk solids ball are in sweet sugar syrup.Fruit custard recipe (How to make fruit custard), Fruit custard salad recipeFruit custard recipe – mixed fruits are added into sweet, rich and creamy custard.
Rasmalai Recipe | How to make rasmalaiRasmalai recipe – spongy rasgullas soaked in rich, sweet, thickened, saffron flavored milk. Garnished with sliced almonds.Puran Poli Recipe | Maharashtrian Puran Poli | Gujarati Vedmi RecipePuran poli recipe – Indian stuffed bread with sweet lentil filling. It is also called vedmi.Milk powder Gulab jamun recipe (Instant gulab jamun with milk powder)Milk powder gulab jamun recipe – These are soft, juicy, melt in your mouth kind with perfect sweetness and richness.
Shrikhand Recipe | How to make shrikhandShrikhand recipe – the traditional sweet from Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is also known as ‘Matho’.Basundi Recipe | How to make basundi | Traditional basundiBasundi recipe –  Sweetened and thickened milk with chopped nuts, flavored with cardamom and saffron.Gujiya Recipe | Mawa Gujiya Recipe | How to make GujiyaMawa gujiya recipe – The outer layer is made from all purpose flour. While the stuffing is made from mawa, sugar and nuts.
Fruit cream recipe (How to make fruit cream), Fruit salad recipe with creamFruit cream recipe – Mixed fruits are mixed with sweetened, whipped cream. This is also called fruit salad with cream.
Karanji Recipe | How to make Karanji | Maharashtrian KaranjiKaranji recipe – traditional Maharashtrian sweet snack recipe. It has sweet coconut stuffing with crispy crust.Sukhdi recipe | Gur papdi recipe | how to make sukhdiSukhdi recipe – Authentic Gujarati sweet made with ghee (clarified butter), atta (whole wheat flour) and gur (jaggery).

Nankhatai recipes

Nankhatai recipe | Traditional eggless Indian cookies, biscuitsPlain Nankhatai – traditional eggless Indian cookies.Chocolate Nankhatai Recipe | How to make chocolate nankhataiChocolate Nankhatai – chocolate flavored eggless cookiesWhole Wheat Nankhatai Recipe | Atta nankhatai recipeWhole wheat nankhatai – little healthy take on nankhatai.

Non-traditional desserts

Eggless Brownies | Eggless Cocoa Brownie RecipeCake-like Cocoa browniesEggless chocolate brownie recipeChwey fudgy chocolate brownies Eggless No Bake Brownies | Eggless Brownie RecipeNo-bake brownies
Eggless chocolate cake recipe | Chocolate cake with condensed milkCollection of eggless cakesEggless black bottom cupcakes recipe | Easy black bottom cupcakesCollection of eggless cupcakesEggless Strawberry Mousse Recipe | strawberry mousse without gelatinEggless mousses
(chocolate mousse
& strawberry mousse)

Frozen treats

Malai Kulfi Recipe | Easy Kulfi Recipe | How to make malai kulfiMalai kulfiMango kulfi recipe | How to make mango kulfiMango kulfiFalooda Recipe | How to make falooda at homeFalooda
Mango Ice cream Recipe | How to make homemade mango ice creamMango ice creamVanilla ice cream recipe, How to make vanilla ice cream (eggless)Vanilaa ice creamMagic shell recipe | Homemade magic shellMagic shell

Basic recipes to make Indian sweets

Diwali Sweets Recipes

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Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour
Yield 4 servings
Author Kanan

Ingredients (1 cup = 240 ml)

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